The SOLO Team had the privilege  of hanging out with skateboarder Patrick Nerey (@skaaa2te_) in Burbank last month. We learned a few tricks, but this mini Tony Hawk is magic on the board. 

We asked him a few questions- you have to get to know this guy!

SOLO: Patrick, you're a California skater! We love your tricks! What got you into skateboarding?

Patrick: When was I younger at an apartment complex I used to live at, there was this group of guys that were always skating outside. I told my dad I wanted to be skating like them, he took me a few days later to get my first board and that’s where it all started. 

SOLO: What is it like to be an influencer?

Patrick: It’s amazing! It really has changed my life. It has brought me so many opportunities and experiences that I am forever grateful for! 

SOLO: Talk to us about your safety precautions, is being out and about alone ever an issue for you?

Patrick: Whenever I am out skating alone or with friends, I am always checking my surroundings. 

SOLO: You were the FIRST person to use the SOLO Wallet. What did you think?

Patrick: I think the wallet is a great invention! It’s cool to have your phone attached to your side, while also having your cards, ID, money, etc. attached as well, but only you yourself have access to it with the app! 

SOLO: Do you think it's helpful to be able to skate hands free but have such easy access to look at your phone?

Patrick: I do! I do think it’s helpful to skate hands free and able to look at my phone easily whenever I need to! 

SOLO: What is the best advice anyone has ever given to you?

Patrick: The best advice anyone has ever given me is to never give up what you’re doing and don’t let anyone’s negative words affect your career and goals. 

SOLO: What's the worst advice anyone has ever given to you?

Patrick: The worst advice I have ever been given is someone telling me to give up and just get a normal job. 

SOLO: What would you tell aspiring athletes that want to chase their dreams?

Patrick: I would tell them to never give up, keep grinding and always work towards your dreams and goals, regardless of what anyone says. 

SOLO: What else should we know about you?

Patrick: I turned my hobby into a career. I skate and do social media. My goal is to give back to the skate community and one day open up my own skatepark.

 Love this guy!

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