Why a biometric ignited cell phone wallet case?

Why a biometric ignited cell phone wallet case?

Last year, I purchased a wallet that magnetized to the back of my phone case. Perfectly convenient. My ID, debit and credit card slid right in. That was all I really needed. Until the wallet fell off, and i had to replace everything. Did you know it can take your bank up to 2 weeks to send you a new debit card? My convenient magnetic wallet soon became severely inconvenient. But I'm a minimalist. I don't like to carry a lot of things. When I run out the door, I really only need my card and my phone. 

Over 1/3 of Americans have had their identity compromised. It's a trend going in the wrong direction, and it can happen by losing your cards or ID. 

The SOLO Wallet is the only cell phone wallet case that uses the latest biometric sensors creating the utmost in security. It comes in a box that resembles much like Apple's  iPhone box, so incredibly well packaged. Inside, The QR code gives you a step by step set up guide (which is intuitive) as you just pair the wallet to your phone via the Go-SOLO App. When you click the side button on the wallet, a shortcut for the app appears making it super easy to open your wallet. You can also attach a chain to it, wearing it like a clutch. Smart. Sophisticated. Sleek. Secure. 

Get it at www.solosecure.com




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