About Us

SOLO Secure. Safety Reimagined. 

At SOLO Secure, we are reimagining personal safety and security by creating a holistic safety platform that uplevels your situational awareness and easily integrates into your day to day life.

With the Go-SOLO App, you have preventative safety at your fingertips, With our Biometric security products, you have a personalized layer of self defense.

Being safe doesn't mean you give up your uniqueness, sexiness, humor, amazing dance moves, and that adventure bug you just can't seem to itch. SOLO Secure is here to empower your independence.  We use technology to go hand in hand with your lifestyle so that you may be secured anywhere in the world without "giving up" anything. We believe that no matter what sex, race, age, sexual orientation, socio-economic class, religion, or cultural background you may have, you have the right to be safe. So go SOLO. We’ve got your back.

Here is what is included in your box:

  • Phone case
  • SOLO Wallet
  • USB-C Charging Cable

Wallet Set Up

  • Charge your SOLO Wallet with the USBC charging cord
  • Install the Go-SOLO App (By SOLOSecure) from the iOS App Store, create account, pair your wallet
  • Slide SOLO wallet onto phone case

Opening your SOLO Wallet

  • Push the side button on the wallet. "Wallet Awake" will appear on top of your phone as a notification.
  • Click Wallet Awake, it will take you to the wallet screen inside the app
  • Push "open wallet" phone within the app
  • Push down on the cover of wallet (where the SOLO Logo is) to unlock the wallet and release to open

Detaching your wallet

  • Open Wallet to locate the slider on the right hand side of the wallet
  • Push slider down to unlock attachment mechanism and slide the wallet to the left
  • Wallet will release off the case

Attaching Wallet

  • Pull slider down
  • Insert the back of the wallet into the V-Slot
  • Push wallet to the right
  • Once you hear the click, wallet is secured


My wallet won't wake up

When the wallet is in sleep mode, the bar inside the app will be grey. When it is awake, it turns green. If you press the app shortcup button and your wallet doesn't wake up, close out (swipe up) the app and open it again.

My wallet door won't open

When the wallet is awake, and you press the "open wallet" bar, the door needs to be given a quick press right on the SOLO Logo. The door should pop open.

I can't get the wallet shortcut to pop up

If you press the button on the side of the wallet and the shortcup doesnt open, close out of the app (swipe up) and open it again.

I still need help

Email us at hello@solsoecure.com and we will assist you!

SOS Calls

* Push one time to wake up wallet & Wait 3 seconds
* Push and hold app-shortcut button for 5 seconds. SOS message will be sent out automatically.
* If accidental activation of SOS message, the app screen will show a cancellation option