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Welcome to a new world where

A drone walks you home.

Partnerships with businesses like campus security, or creating and developing Smart cities,  can enhance physical, personal safety. Summoning a drone that encompasses our technology can be utilized to lead a student to their dorm or a person to their car, at the same time providing API for image interpretation, weapon detection, and emotion analysis.

Help arrives automatically.

Should your biometric device be activated (the SOLO Blade for example) and you are located in a solo drone service area, a drone carrying the SOLO Secure technology can be used to provide image capture, facial recognition, and weapons detection to assist law enforcement.

Enhanced products for Law Enforcement

Bodycams containing SOLO Secure’s technology can capture emotion and facial recognition in addition to weapons detection, assisting law enforcement in effectively de-escalating or neutralizing the situations.

Innovating personal and public safety

SOLO Secure combines state of the art AI/ML, Edge computing and IoT, in addition to public safety data to provide the most comprehensive, relevant approach to keeping people safe and informed.

The only, on-the-go holistic platform that assists you in proactively navigating day to day personal safety risks.

We enable professionals to improve operational efficacy, driving faster & smarter response through real-time ground-zero data, and AI driven situational awareness, including facial recognition, weapons detection and emotions detection, at the same time providing the same advanced technology to protecting you on the go with the push of a button.

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