Go-SOLO means You. Protected. Everywhere.

Go-SOLO is the most comprehensive, SMART, effective personal health and safety app available.

We protect the whole you.

Our innovative approach is broken down into four pillars.

Preparedness, Mitigation, Response and Recovery.

  • Preparedness:

    Wide-ranging/all-inclusive curated library of useful video content surrounding health and safety.

    ⁃ Content from highly educated and popular figures around the world.

    ⁃ Easily digestible bite-sized content

    ⁃ Learn on your own time

  • Mitigation:

    Predictive Analytics (coming soon):

    The first AI- powered app that brings life-saving safety guidance to users on their phone, curated specifically for each individual profile.

    ⁃ Empower yourself with knowledge before situations arise.

    ⁃ Automatic push notifications of safety insights to keep you aware of possible dangers.

  • Response:

    Smarter Emergency Response

    In the case of an emergency situation, users have the ability to call for help through our SOS button located inside the app or can be conveniently pressed on the side of their phone using the SOLO Wallet.

    ⁃ Enhanced user information is given directly to law enforcement and first responders during in an emergency

    ⁃ Stat on response time using rapid sos

    - Accurate triangulation for a more precise location finder for first responders

    ⁃ Let both first responders and friends/family know exactly where you are

    ⁃ Choose what information is given to first responders in the case of an emergency.

    ⁃ Data is not stored for longer than 30 days

  • Recovery

    Access to Community Resources:

    Going through any traumatic event is difficult, especially going through it alone. We’ve created a Support section that will connect you with help based on your needs and location.

    ⁃ Connection to non-profits, community groups and services in your area

    ⁃ Gain support from like minded individuals who can help through this difficult period.

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