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Partner with SOLO Secure to deliver AI-driven unique safety solutions for your business which increases security efficiency, mitigates risk, lowers costs, and provides advanced emergency response for your stakeholders who matter most.

Our Partnerships: Case Studies


Don’t let safety issues ruin a good thing with crowd management made simple. Broaden your security radius utilizing your own attendees. Spectators can enjoy an event & stay safe in a non-evasive way.

  • Mass-Communication Tools.
  • Exact geo-location of safety concerns.
  • Ability for quick response.
  • Emergency SOS Response.


We help non-profits use our industry-leading network to connect with local businesses who want to make financial contributions to their cause. You put out the fires, we’ll help take care of the funding.


Make Employee Wellness a necessity by keeping your employees safe with maximum safety solutions inside and outside the office with our low-cost AI-driven platform that prepares employees for travel, and off-site visits.

  • Analyze Employee Travel Exposures.
  • Develop corporate policies.
  • Educate Employees.
  • Know where employees are and respond.
  • Emergency SOS Response.


Protect Students ON and OFF campus with Go SOLO - our industry-leading AI safety platform. Give students multi-way communication tools, safety guidance, connection to local help & support with recommended content based on interests and plans.

  • Lower liability costs & safety-related incidents.
  • Develop student policies.
  • Educate Students & Employees.
  • Know where students & employees are and respond.
  • Emergency SOS Response.

Help your members and community stay safe outside of your care