Connected Smart Security & Safety Devices “CSSD”

SOLO Backpacker

Sophisticated. Smart. Secure. If you are one of the many that use a wallet function for your phone case, you now have the most secure way to secure your ID, credit cards, and cash. The SOLO Backpacker only opens with your fingerprint or your face ID through the SOLOSecure app. No more worrying about your cards falling out or being stolen, the SOLO Backpacker has your back.

  • Secure self locking mechanisms
  • Stores up to 3 cards
  • Alarm system to prevent theft
  • Battery powered personal ID mechanism to open case
  • Integrates with GoSOLO app
  • Drop resistant hardshell case
  • Custom cross body chain/strap attachment option
  • Patented secure technology
  • Designed for all occasions


Our smart safety platform will assist you in understanding, navigating, and overcoming safety risks wherever you go

  • Curated safety news feed based on your location
  • Join and create community groups
  • Community focused with safety tips
  • Connectivity with SOLO suite of products
  • SOS system to contact help