SOLO Wallet Setup Guide

  • Feature List

    ● Store up to 3 credit cards/IDs 

    ● Electronically controlled locking mechanism 

    ● Opens with FaceID via the Go-SOLO app.  

    ● SOS integration (911) 

    ● RFID blocking material 

    ● Fits iPhone 13 Pro Max 

    ● 2-in-1 charging cable (Lightning +USB-C) 

  • Included in Your Box

    ● Backpacker phone case 

    ● SOLO Wallet 

    ● 2-in-1 charging cable 

Getting to Know You SOLO Wallet

Quick-Start and Setup Guide

Open your SOLOWallet and charge it using the cable provided 

Install the Go-SOLO App from the App Store

Create your GoSOLO account, following the instructions in the app

Insert your phone into the Backpacker phone case   

Connect your new SOLOWallet to your phone via Bluetooth

Once you Wallet is connected, follow the in-app instructions to open the door

Locate the lock-slider switch on the inside of your wallet

Depress and hold the lock-slider switch to attach you Wallet

With the lock-slider switch depressed, slide your Wallet into the matching indentation on your case until you here a click

Congratulations! Your new SOLOWallet is secure and ready to go.

SOS Call Instructions

In case of an emergency, push one time to wake up wallet

Push and hold app-shortcut button for 5 seconds, an SOS message will be sent out automatically.

If you did not mean to activate the SOS feature, the GoSOLO App will provide options for cancelling the alert.