Health and Safety Reimagined.

At SOLO Secure, we are reimagining your health and safety by creating a holistic platform that enhances your awareness and easily integrates into your day to day life.

Our mission is to keep you healthy and safe, 24/7, anywhere around the world. 

With the Go-SOLO App, you have a full range of highly effective safety features at your fingertips, including preventative insights that may help you avoid dangerous situations.  You'll have Increased intelligence for emergency response as well as access to an international community to learn, support and grow from.

With our biometric security products, you have a personalized layer of self defense.  Access to some of your most personal and sensitive assets will now be secured.  We want to take some of the stress and anxiety out of going out so that you can go out and enjoy life knowing that your belongings are safe with SOLO Secure.  

Being safe doesn't mean you give up your uniqueness, sexiness, humor, amazing dance moves, and that adventure bug you just can't seem to itch.  SOLO Secure is here to empower your independence.  We use technology that goes hand in hand with your lifestyle so that you may be secured anywhere in the world without "giving up" anything.  We believe that no matter what sex, race, age, sexual orientation, socio-economic class, religion, or cultural background you may have, you have the right to be safe.

So Go-SOLO. We’ve got your back.

Meet our Team


  • Nate Ramanathan

    President and CEO

  • Palvi Mawar


  • Kathryn Ficara

    VP, Marketing & Public Relations

  • Emmanuel Fiscal

    Systems Engineer

  • Charlie Brown

    Software Engineer

  • Bob Pruett

    Board Advisor-Strategy

  • Kaushik Patel

    Board Advisor - Polymers

  • Vince Vanasin

    Board Advisor- Digital Marketing

  • Bhupen Shah

    Board Advisor-Microelectronics

  • Abhijit Thatte

    Board Advisor - AI/SW

  • Yogesh Panpaliya

    Board Advisor - Cyber Security

  • Suhas Kulkarni

    Board Advisor - Strategy

  • Dr. Harneet Bath

    Board Advisor - Medical

  • Dr. Timothy Stacy

    Board Advisor - Critical Care Medicine

  • Rajan Garg, MD

    Board Advisor - Internal & Critical Care Medicine