A new standard for securing your wallet.

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  • Secure your cards on your phone icon

    Secure your cards on your phone

    Your cards are biometrically secured

  • Open with your FaceID icon

    Open with your FaceID

    Utilize your FaceID to open your SOLO Wallet

  • Wear it like a Clutch icon

    Wear it like a Clutch

    Attatch our custom chain or any type of strap and wear it two different ways

SOLO Wallet Box

Did You Know?

The wallet itself is detachable and can be used apart from the phone. The locking mechanism works so that the wallet clips into the case, if you take the wallet off, you still have the case to protect your phone.

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Don't just take it from us...

"I love this wallet. I'm always on the go, I needed something to secure my cards, the SOLO Wallet doesn't disappoint. My wife loves hers too, she wears it everywhere".

- Dave Meltzer, Meltzer Enterprises

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solo wallet with strap


The SOLO Wallet is a (patent pending) biometric wallet that attaches to your phone and opens with your FaceID through our Go-SOLO App. Your cards are completely secured.

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The most secured your cards can be.

The CES Innovation award winning SOLO Wallet acts as a case for your iPhone, with an electronic wallet attatched. Scan your face, open your wallet. Never lose your cards. Attatch the chain and go hands free!